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Important Forum Rules

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DOTFIX.NL / Forum Rules

This message contains all the current global rules of the DOTFIX.NL forum (hereinafter referred to as the "Forum"), which each user agrees to during registration, as well as each registered user after taking them into force. There are also additional rules in certain sections.
If you do not agree to abide by these rules (hereinafter - the "Rules"), you have the right to delete your account, otherwise, in case of violation of the Rules, you will be blocked for violation of these rules.
Please note: Rules are subject to change without prior notice to users.

1. General information

1.1. Forum user group structure
The Forum has an internal division of users into groups, which endow users belonging to a particular group with certain capabilities.​

1.2. Forum structure
Currently, there are two main sections of the portal - «Forum» and «Resources».​
The first section is the forum itself, the second is the File Manager. Both sections are interconnected.​
«Forum» is divided into categories and sections. The sections contain topics for discussion.​
«Resources» are also divided into categories and display materials available for download​

2. Registration and authorization of users

The Forum has a mandatory registration and user authorization. If the user is not registered or not authorized, he is vested with minimal privileges that allow only viewing the Forum.

2.1. Registration using a forbidden nickname.
In the event that a user registers using a forbidden nickname, his account will be blocked.​
The list of prohibited nickname contents is given in Appendix 6.1.​
2.2. Multiple registrations.
Users are not allowed to register a second account. In this case, all user accounts are blocked.​
If the user cannot access his account, you must use the password recovery function. If it is not possible to reset the password, you must contact the Administration.​
2.3. Attempts to hack accounts.
Attempts to pick up a password for accounts are prohibited, if this is noticed, the IP address of the violator will be blocked.​

3. Threads

Pay attention to the section in which you are going to create a theme! Topics created in sections that are inappropriate for these purposes can be moved to the trash!

3.1. Multiple creation of topics with the same content.
It is forbidden to create topics with the same or partially different content in the same or several sections. For this, the author’s account of these topics may be blocked.​
If you created two identical topics by accident, ask the Administration to delete one of them using the Report button.​
3.2. Creating topics with a forbidden name.
The theme author’s account will be blocked if the topic in the title contains the content described in section 6.2 of these rules.​

4. Messages

If you are going to answer someone, first think: “Is my message out of place?”. If we are talking about growing oranges at home under artificial lighting on the balcony, then your answer about the success of football teams in the English League will probably be inappropriate. Also, do not try to divert the rest from the topic.

If you post code, wrap it in the appropriate tag. To display the available tags for designing the code, use the 'Special BB-Codes' button in the visual editor.​
Write according to spelling and punctuation rules. It is impossible the first time to correctly understand the meaning of the text if there are no commas in it, and the words are distorted.​

4.1. Sending the same message more than once (spam).
Repeated sending of messages or repeated sending of messages that do not carry any valuable information (+1, cool!, Ayfzhgvy, ! ?? !! * !! *:!:! *!:!: And etc.).​
The author of these messages may be blocked.​
If you sent such a message by accident, ask the Administration to delete it using the Report button.​
4.2. Sending messages with restricted content
The author’s account may be blocked if the message contains the content described in section 6.3 of these rules.​
4.3. Insert images from third-party resources
All images (including screenshots) should only be uploaded to our server by attaching them to the message.​
4.4. Discussions about the actions of moderators and administrators
It is forbidden to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators, both on the forum, chat and in the LAN. The moderator knows his authority, therefore, he acts as he should! Show respect. If you violate this paragraph, the author may receive a warning or banned, at the discretion of the administrator (moderator).​
4.5. Frequent rise in topics
It is forbidden to raise topics, write messages with content that does not carry any information (AP, UP, Raise, Up, etc.) more than is allowed for your user group. If this paragraph is violated, a warning is issued to the author.​

5. User signatures.

You should know that a signature is not only a means of self-expression, but also an integral part of forum messages and is displayed in each of your messages.

5.1. Use of forbidden text in the user's signature.
In the user's signature, the text described in clause 6.3 of these Rules is prohibited.​

6. Application.

6.1. User nicknames.
In nicknames, it is forbidden to use the following:​
  • A random sequence of characters (asjhgfhjkjh).
  • Numbers only (123456789).
  • Numerous punctuation marks.
  • Promotional materials (links to third-party projects).
  • The text, which can mislead other users, carrying in itself deliberately false information (admin, moderator ...).
  • Nickname text similar to another user's nickname (Net_ix. Instead of Netix, etc.).
6.2. The names of threads.
In the names of topics it is forbidden to use the following:​
  • The text does not carry information about the meaning of the topic.
  • A deliberately false name, in order to attract attention (“Life was discovered on Mars !!!”, and in the topic “Tell me what to do with this error”).
  • Numerous punctuation marks.
  • Promotional materials (links to third-party projects).
6.3. Posts
In posts it is forbidden to use the following:​
  • The text does not carry information about the meaning of the topic.
  • Numerous punctuation marks.
  • Specially formatted text (including for attracting attention), for example, bold, highlighted, written in a larger font size, etc., unless necessary (for example, to emphasize the semantic meaning of a phrase in a message) or what sections is allowed for the Topic Starter (TS).
  • Content that could harm users' computers.
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