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  1. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [XenGenTr] Visitor login and register panel 1.0.1

    Xenforo 2 is a panel that allows users to quickly view. It also adds a directional button that can be a quick member.
  2. default4448

    XenForo Add-on Multi Prefix 2.11.1

    Requirements: Standard Library by Xon Ever run into a situation where you want to prefix a thread with multiple tags? Now you can. All the same features still work, clicking a prefix shows all threads prefixed with that same prefix. Searching for a prefix will show all threads that contain that...
  3. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [DF] COVID-19 Live Statistics 2.0.0

    Live statistics tracking the number of confirmed cases that recovered and died across the country or the world in connection with COVID-19. Widgets : Light style widgets: Dark style widgets: Style properties: Branding can be removal ib template modifications.
  4. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [J] Forum List Tabs 1.3.0

    This add-on adds the option to add forum/categories into tabs in the main forum list and is purely a CSS & template modification based addon. Incase the addon doesn't work with your theme just let me know I will help you sort it out :) Note: By default, every category/forum comes under tab id...
  5. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [AL] Core Package 1.3.6

    The package contains libraries we share between several our add-ons. Until now the files were included in packages of the add-ons themselves, however, having multiple add-ons to using the same files can sometimes cause a conflict between them, if they are using different versions of the files...
  6. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [Ultimate] Server Listing 2.0.2

    Make your server list look amazing with only few clicks! Ultimate Server Listing is plugin for all gaming networks who want to show your players how many people playing on servers and make them connect faster! Right now we support games: Counter Strike Global Offensive Counter Strike 1.6...
  7. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [DF] XFRM New Widget Positions 1.0.0

    Add 2 new widget position for Xenforo Resource Manager.
  8. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [Xen-Soluce] Credit System 2.1.0 Fix 1

    This add-on allow you to setup an advanced system for counting user threads, posts, replies and reactions in selected forums. Feature: Options : Credit calculation method Rounding value Events : Add event : Threads Posts Reply Reactions XenCentral Feedback System : Positive Neutral...