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xenforo addon

  1. default4448

    XenForo Add-on Article Reading Time 1.0.1

    This add-on will shows the estimated reading time for articles in XF article nodes.
  2. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [TH] Attachments Plus 1.0.1 Patch Level 4

    Managing multiple threads and attachments for users can be a chore. With Attachments Plus, your users will be able to go to one location to see and manage all of their attachments and their locations easily! As well, administrators can set new limits for attachments, including the maximum number...
  3. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [OzzModz] Prefix Or Suffix Downloaded Attachments 2.0.1

    This simple addon will add a admin defined prefix or suffix to any attachment downloaded from the site. It's a simple little way to brand anything downladed.
  4. default4448

    XenForo Add-on HTML Usertitles 0.0.2

    Features: Allows Administrators to set a users title to allow HTML If the user or a Moderator edits their title it reverts to not allowing HTML No additional queries
  5. default4448

    XenForo Add-on AndyB Email search 1.2

    Find members by email address. This add-on is normally only allowed to be used by the administrator or other trusted user group. Features: All phrases start with emailsearch_ for your convenience.
  6. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [XenGenTr] AdBlock Detector 1.0.5

    The plugin was developed for xenforo 2 and is completely free. The task catches the users using the AdBlock system and welcomes them with the warning screen.
  7. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [AP] Daily Goal 2.3.0

    This addon adds a "Daily Goal" for posts to the Forum Statistics widget. You can specify the desired goal in the admin panel. The counter is reset via a cron entry every day at 00:00.
  8. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [XenGenTr] Visitor login and register panel 1.0.1

    Xenforo 2 is a panel that allows users to quickly view. It also adds a directional button that can be a quick member.
  9. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [Xen-Soluce] Advanced Statistics Lite 2.0.0 Fix 2

    This add-on allow you to show advanced statistics to your members. (LITE) Feature summary : Options : Daily statistics open Weekly statistics open Monthly statistics open Reactions list sent open Reactions list received open Total statistics open Other statistics open Conversations statistics...
  10. default4448

    XenForo Add-on AndyB Chat 1.2

    Chat application for members. Features: Allows quoting specific chat messages using the Reply link. Multi-line editor which allows adding smilies and images. All phrases start with chat_ for your convenience. Questions and answers: Question Answers Can I make it so the enter button saves...