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  1. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [AL] Core Package 1.3.6

    The package contains libraries we share between several our add-ons. Until now the files were included in packages of the add-ons themselves, however, having multiple add-ons to using the same files can sometimes cause a conflict between them, if they are using different versions of the files...
  2. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [AddonFlare] XF2 Awards System 1.4.0

    Need an incentive to increase forum activity? Make your forum more fun for your users, let them show off how active/engaged they are. The more fun your forum is, the more your users will want to keep coming back for more. No one likes a boring forum. Don't want to give out the awards...
  3. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [AddonFlare] XF2 Moods 1.0.2

    Allow users to set and share their current mood with everyone. Add mood images by uploading, URL, or selecting an image from the gallery. Quick setup with gallery import to import all moods from a directory. At a glance Make your forum more fun and interactive Offer as a perk to incentivize...
  4. default4448

    XenForo Add-on [AddonFlare] (AJAX) Advanced Forum Stats 1.7.0

    Introducing a classic add-on so many forums can't live without... In 3 words: simple, clean, flexible This add-on will display the following stats: Latest Posts Latest Threads Hottest Threads (based on most replies in a set interval) Most Viewed Threads Latest Forum News Latest Members Most...