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Recent content by Rebecca

  1. R

    shame the staff have little or no input anymore

    that's great news use to love this site. best wishes. Please tell me what add-on/style do you use to make your front page? it's nice clean layout, is it available here on your forum for free download. Many thanks Rebecca
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    shame the staff have little or no input anymore

    It's a shame really that the staff have let this forum die, it started off good newly resources shame you never keep it going with latest/new scripts for XF vBull, WP and other nulled scripts. Would of been a great forum. Hope you have a change of heart and start up or gain access to latest...
  3. R

    What sections of the forum do you want to see?

    Would be really nice to see a nice new forum with Up-to-date Xenforo v2.2.4 scripts please. Most other forums share broken old out-dated scripts. Loving ya forum Admin Respect and thank U for your time
  4. R

    XF Style Exclusive Light

    please please up-date Exclusive Light 2.2.0 Release Candidate 1 thank u